4345 W Division St. Chicago, IL 60651
(773) 731-3180

All meats are Individually Vacuum Sealed, Freezer Ready

A Steakhouse favorite! Super buttery and tender texture with great beef flavor

Purely Choice Filets  
4oz USDA Choice Filet
6oz USDA Choice Filet
8oz USDA Choice Filet
10oz USDA Choice Filet
14oz USDA Choice Bone In Filet

Purely Prime Filets  
4oz USDA Prime Filet
8oz USDA Prime Filet
Tenderloin Tips

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Purely Meat Co.
4345 W Division St
Chicago, IL 60651
Phone. (773) 731-3180

We are certified minority owned & operated


Our Tradition - Making the Old New Again
Local fresh meat delivery six days a week

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