Thawing Your Steaks

We recommend thawing your Purely Meat Company Steaks overnight in your refrigerator.  Keep them in their original packaging while thawing. 


A nice slow and low thaw keeps the natural juices in the steak allowing for juicy finished product! 


If you’re in a rush, you can also thaw your steaks under cool running water.  Place your steaks in a plastic container in your sink then run cool water over the steaks for 45 minutes or until the steaks are thoroughly thawed.

Preparing Your Steaks

The biggest tip we can give you is never put a cold steak on a hot grill!  It is best to slowly temper your steaks at room temperature before starting the cooking process!  At least 1 hour before cooking (after the steaks are completely thawed) remove your steaks from refrigerator and the original packaging.  There may be some natural juices on the surface of the steaks, so give them a quick rinse under cold water.

Place the rinsed steaks onto a sheet tray or platter lined with paper towels.  Pat the steaks until they are completely dry. Moisture is your biggest enemy when trying to achieve a nice sear on your steak, so make sure that your steaks are completely dry before seasoning. 

Seasoning Your Steaks

Give your steaks a light coating with a high smoke point oil.  At Purely, we use clarified butter or a vegetable oil.  A nice light coating of oil gives your seasoning something to hold on to and it also gives your steaks a beautiful char or crust. 

Once lightly oiled, season all sides of your steak with your favorite steak seasoning.  The thicker the steak, the heavier we season. We typically like kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper, but use whatever you like!  Remember! Cooking is supposed to be fun, so have fun with your seasonings!

Cooking Your Steaks

We like a flavorful char or crust on our steaks with a medium rare warm red center.  To achieve that, we always sear with high heat, then finish at medium low heat until the desired doneness.

For cooking Indoors:

Preheat your oven to 300 degrees. Find an oven safe sauté pan or cast-iron pan that is more than large enough to hold the steak or steaks that you’re cooking.  Add a small amount of vegetable oil to your pan.  Heat the pan over high heat until you start to see the oil begin to smoke.  When you see a small amount of smoke coming from the pan, it is time to sear.  Gently add the seasoned, room temperature steak to the hot oiled pan.  Allow the steaks to sear in your pan over high heat.  It is ok to lift the steak to look at the char that you are achieving. We look for crust that is deep dark brown, like dark chocolate.  Once the steak is seared to deep dark brown color, flip the steak, then place the pan into the 350-degree oven to cook to your desired doneness.  Time is determined by the thickness of the steak so it is best to use a probe thermometer to check the internal temperature.  Once the steak is cooked to your desired doneness, rest for 5 minutes then serve!  Feel free to use the Steak Temperature Chart below!

For Grilling Outdoors:

Preheat your grill to its highest temperature setting.  Once your grill is hot and ready, place your steak on the hottest part of the grill over direct heat.

Grill your steak over high heat, until the steak is charred to a deep dark brown color.

Flip steak then reduce heat to medium low. 

Finish cooking at a medium to low temperature until your desired doneness, let steak rest for 5 minutes then serve! Feel free to use the Steak Temperature Chart below!

Steak Temperature Chart

Rare- 110

Medium Rare- 120

Medium- 130

Medium Well- 140

Well Done- 155

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