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Purely Choice Brisket  

First Cut Brisket 6-7lbs : $59.95

First Cut Brisket 6-7lbs

Purely’s first cut briskets are packed with flavor and hand trimmed by our expert butchers from the leanest part of the brisket.
All of  our briskets are wet aged, giving them extra richness and flavor.  Enjoy Purely’s First Cut Brisket in your next family brisket dinner!

*This item qualifies for Chicagoland area Free Shipping on orders over $75

Pit Master Brisket, 11-12 lb : $99.95

Pit Master Brisket, 11-12 lb

Purely’s packer briskets are hand sized for consistency and quality and served at the best BBQ restaurants in the country. They come with the fat cap and point left on giving you the opportunity to hand trim your brisket to your desired leanness. This makes them the perfect Brisket for smoking and BBQ!

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