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Purely Beef Short Ribs  

Whole Short Rib Plate : $69.95 NEW ITEM!

The PERFECT cut to add to your BBQ or braising lineup.  A 3 Bone rack, with each bone 8-9” in length, this beef rib rack is big and impressive! Try them with a dry rub and smoked whole OR cut them into individual bones and roast them individually.  A rich and decadent item that will not disappoint!

1pc - 5/7 lb

*Individually Vacuum Sealed, Freezer Ready

20oz Short Rib “Tomahawk” : $74.95 NEW ITEM!

A butchering masterpiece.  These Short Rib “Tomahawks” are as delicious as they are beautiful.  We cut them by hand, then net wrap them individually, which holds them together though the entire cooking process. Leave the netting on, sear them then braise them with your favorite red wine for an EPIC soul warming meal!

2pc - 20oz each

*Individually Vacuum Sealed, Freezer Ready

16oz Single Bone Short Rib : $74.95 NEW ITEM!

A bone in classic!  Our 16oz Bone In Short Ribs are rich and decadent.  The perfect size portion for 1 HUNGRY EATER, these short ribs left on the bone for added flavor and presentation.  

4pc - 16oz ea.

*Individually Vacuum Sealed, Freezer Ready

6oz Boneless Short Rib : $74.95 NEW ITEM!

A great cut for so many applications!  Use these for classic recipes like beef bourguignon or braise them in your favorite cold weather beer or wine for a cold weather meal that you will not forget! We love serving them over mashed potatoes to soak up all the juices. Enjoy!

8pcs - 6oz each

*Individually Vacuum Sealed, Freezer Ready

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